Sunday, April 03, 2005

Subjects I Know Something About

  • Studied in High School or University. Computer programming, computer science, english, writing, technical writing, psychology, cad, mathematics, physics, statistics, metals & materials, electric circuits, mechanical engineering, economics, ethics, biology, chemistry, english literature, history, geography, french, badminton, squash, floor hockey, basketball, field hockey, mountain biking, outdoor education, rugby, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, canoeing/kayaking, kenpo karate, debating, student government, art, orchestra, choir, drama, music equipment, violin, guitar, singing
  • Learned on the Job. User-interface design, information visualization, market research, software design, software methodologies, databases, data-mining
  • Learned from Conferences, Workshops, Training, Seminars. NVC, liturgical music, information technology
  • Learned in My Leisure Time. Desktop publishing, camp counselling, camping, active reading, board games, toys, video games, comics, bible, Christianity, Catholicism, career exploration, personal organization, time management, science-fiction & fantasy, internet trends, PDAs, Japanese culture, Filipino culture, Korean culture, Canadian culture, calligraphy, music appreciation, graphic design, perfectionism, word-of-mouth marketing, autism, songwriting


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