Saturday, April 09, 2005

Topics I am interested in

based on a treemap browse of my extracted blog interests:
  • Computers: software methodologies, software engineering, data mining, blogging, web applications, web services, useful programming languages, handhelds, mobile computing, speech technology, human-computer interaction, ergonomics, programming tools, freeware ... powerful programming methodologies/tools/languages and web/desktop applications/utilities ... web zeitgeist, gadgets
  • Arts: poetry, comics, typography, movies
  • Society: Catholicism, geek/nerd subculture, Filipino culture, world history, meditation
  • Business: industrial design, personal leadership, time management, personal organization
  • Science: self-help, computational linguistics, statistics, statistical graphics, mathematics,
  • Regional: Victoria BC, Canada
  • World:
  • Games: board games, video games, footbag
  • Shopping: books, toys, consumer electronics
  • Reference: knowledge management


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