Sunday, August 28, 2005

I am sitting on the hybrid bus

I am sitting on the hybrid bus
Destination firm, though changeable
The weekend continues to peter away
Today's objective: rest
Tomorrow's will be what it will be

Heavy eyelids
Dancing to the cadence of the hybrid bus
Today is a writing day not a reading day
Reading is pleasant. But some days
Are writing days on which reading is inappropriate.

Writing on the hybrid bus is hard
The nausea creeps into my mouth
My companion must be wondering
What I am doing tap tap tapping into my PDA
Every few stops

Bloggetry is blogging in verse
And as there is metablogging so is there metabloggetry
In the substrate of verse you can be lazy
Thoughts half-formed will suffice
The thought half-understood will coalesce with other thoughts
Producing a vague sense of what you are getting at
Which is better than nothing at all

Bloggetry eschews convention
High thoughts and webwords co-mingle
Love Death Google


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