Sunday, September 25, 2005

Outline for teaching the GIPF rules (Basic game)

Based on The Finer Points of Teaching Rules by Mario T. Lanza

1. Set up the pieces

2. One-liner:

3. Overview
  • Put a piece on a dot and slide it onto the board, pushing any pieces in the way.
  • 4 of your pieces touch in a line => remove all pieces that touch in that line. Yours return to supply; opponents' are captured.

  • Can't push pieces off the board.
  • Game ends when one player runs out of pieces. The other player wins.
4. Details
  • If you make two lines of your colour, you choose which line to take:
  • If you make a line in your opponent's colour, they take the line at the start of their turn (does not count as a turn):

5. Basic strategies and fair warning (from
  • You can only win by capturing your opponent's pieces, not by returning your pieces to your reserve.
  • It is better to have your pieces on the board than in your reserve
  • So it is good to make a line in your opponent's colour, so they come off the board


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