Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sunny and warm

Sunny and warm
The smells of childhood schooltime
The smells of carefree and play
Longing for those days
It's September school weather
The sunlight triggers nostalgia
The light, which I so rarely see
Being indoors most of the time.
Crackly tan leaves
The leaves that remind you of school-days
The smell of leaves and sunlight
The smell of algebra and equations
The heat beating on your forehead
In your hometown.

And it gets a little hot
The dull thud of reality sounds in the distance
And in the heart

Labour Day weekend, and what shall I do?
Three blessed days off, and how shall I spend them?
How to rest, without dissipation,
Exploration without idleness
Stimulation without shallowness
And yet, I enjoy this pleasant idleness
Though conscience warns against wasting time.


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