Sunday, January 15, 2006


Today, as on every Sunday, I went to Mass and received the Eucharist (God in the form of a piece of bread). Anyway, how is this going to change me in the coming week? May God be at my side this week when I make things, create things. May God be at my side in moments when I am with my family -- may I be granted presence, awareness to cherish my family. May God open my eyes this week to opportunities to do some random act of kindness for someone -- someone I know or a stranger.

So I suppose that when people eat the bread, it strengthens their ties to God, and God decides to be especially "by their side" during the week, nudging their decisions, drawing their attention to various things. I'm no theologian -- just critically speculating.

Critical speculation -- we need more of that. Making the effort to think things through a little bit harder, or to dream things up, or at least try to. To push a thought slightly further than what is easy. It's easy to be pulled along by other people's ideas. But to create new ideas -- no matter how small -- or even improving on the ideas of others -- this is one way to add value to the world.


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