Saturday, January 07, 2006


Finally I have some time to blog on my personal blog. It's been a hard-working week. I have done my best to exercise and sleep well. I have laboured diligently each day. And now I am entering upon the one day that I set aside for rest. May I spend it well, and not waste it.

Each day goes by so quickly. It starts with a rushed breakfast, then work, lunch and a short story, then more work, dinner, catching up on information, then bed. It's quite a pleasant way to pass the time, but I also feel uneasy about not living consciously. The day speeds by, and I don't notice it, savour it. Only in those infrequent pauses like this one do I introspect and retrospect. I wish I were more conscious throughout the day, appreciating every minute (or every few minutes) of existence. As it is, weeks go by between comings up for air.

The mission that I identified for myself some months back was to make things that make life wonderful. Making web technologies in particular, but I didn't want to limit it to that so I left the door open. There is much to do in the coming week, so as with recent weeks there is little time for making technologies. But as I write this I sincerely hope I do get to make one neat thing or a few neat things this week.

I like how Google employees spend 20% of their time on personal technology projects. When my Saturdays free up a bit more perhaps I will use Saturday for making neat things. It's good for the brain, frees it up to stretch its wings a bit beyond the everyday.

Plans for Sunday. Sundays are always special for me because I give myself permission not to do my usual work on this day. There will be Mass in the morning, and a movie with mom in the evening, and perhaps reading library books in the middle. Writing that, I see the day is already full. Maybe nothing in the middle then but conscious living, sitting at the foot of the waves or, like now, observiblogging. I am usually so restless to be doing something however; may God keep me from blowing the day on surfing the internet.

At the moment my body is so relaxed and my mind clear - this must be the effect of regular sleep. May I maintain it for the rest of my life.

So life is currently simple - this is good. The bad is that I am not living it consciously. Wake up! Open your eyes!


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