Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some questions from Optimal Thinking

My favorite color is: neon blue
I look my best when: having had my hair cut, and wearing formal attire
My favorite artist is: hmm...
The sounds of nature I appreciate most are: dunno if it counts, but hearing lawnmowers on a sunny day - reminds me of childhood
My favorite music is: Imogen Heap
The funniest comedian I have heard is: Cosby show
The most cheerful person I know is: May Woo
The most comfortable chair in my home is: the swivel chair I purchased from a proper office store
I feel my best when: I have 7.5 hours of sleep. And contributed some brilliantly useful idea to the web. That lots of people are raving about :-)
The most enjoyable vacation I can recall is: Disneyland 1992
My favorite food is: fettucini alfredo
When it comes to friendship, my most positive attribute is: not giving advice when someone just wants to vent.
My greatest fantasy is: Throughout my life, to continually contribute brilliantly useful ideas to the web. That lots of people rave about :-)
The best action I can take today toward my most important goal is: reading highly acclaimed books in a variety of areas.


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