Sunday, July 16, 2006

If anyone is getting this error, the way I fixed it was to export the instiki to a textile zip then import it.
To get the instiki at least running (so I could do the export), I ran it on my local box (Windows). But when I did the export it downloaded a 0 byte file. It turns out that the full file is in the storage directory as well.
Next, blow away your instiki and do the import. (same url but change export to import). You may need to comment out some lines in file_controller.rb to get it to work.
My instiki (which runs on Pendrell) went down at 2006-07-09 23:31:54 EST. When I try to restart it, it says:
=> Starting Instiki on
=> Data files are stored in /home/jonathanaquino/openjump_wiki/instiki/storage/8739
[FATAL] failed to allocate memory

The storage directory has about 90MB of data--would this be the cause of the problem (I've read that Instiki holds everything in memory)? Any ideas what I can do to remedy the problem? (I tried deleting some of the older files in the storage directory, but met with errors).
I have an account on Georgia--if I moved the Instiki there, would that give me more memory to play with (being a business-level server)?


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