Saturday, July 08, 2006

Matthew Kelly has numerous profound statements in this book of his I'm reading, but one that stands out to me today is the notion of the meaning of life being "to become the best-version-of-yourself". I love that term, and I can intuitively see in my mind's eye what the best-version-of-myself would look like.

I would be constantly learning--spending some time each day learning new skills pertaining to my profession, or reading books on spiritual things, just to keep reminding myself that I am a spiritual being. Exercise and eating well would be a natural part of my daily routine; perhaps I can achieve Oni level in Dance Dance Revolution.

Prayer would be a part of each hour--when things are going badly I turn to prayer; when things are going well I turn to prayer. The practice of computer programming informs prayer, and vice versa.

And connection with people--the ear that listens not just to the voice but also to the heart. Listening for the underlying need--all that stuff I learned from Nonviolent Communication.

And always and in everything knowing why I am doing what I do, or if that is beyond my control, then at least why I am doing it in the way I am doing it. Every action a conscious choice.


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