Monday, August 07, 2006

Today begins a 10-day business trip to Palo Alto. And I'm super-exhausted. Flight delays, walking around to find the hotel, and just general travel weariness. Trying to take it easy and get some rest before the week of work ahead--I hope an explosion of creativity rather than getting mired in drudgery. There's a fine line between riding the crest of the wave and drowning, and I hope to stay on top of it.
As it happened, the Cardinal Hotel where I usually stay was fully booked, so I've been placed in a luxury resort called the Westin. Choice of shower *or* bath. Restaurant just an elevator ride away, and it's one of those fancy places where they start you out with bread and oil. This is one swanky place.
Aw man, the burger just came in on a huge square plate, with the ketchup in a miniature urn. This place is fancy.
Anyway, like I said, trying to take it easy this evening, so I will probably wander down to the bookstore after supper and grab something edifying.
I'll probably also do some work to prepare for tomorrow (email and a code merge), but I'll probably do that from the comfort of the hotel room. I'm pooped!


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