Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The film I mentioned earlier--the one I found quite moving--I admired its characters because they sought meaning in their lives. They wanted above all not to waste their lives, so they made heroic attempts to guess at and follow their destinies.

I would like the same for my life. Not to drift along comfortably from start to finish, like deadwood, but to grab hold of life with purpose, whether one given to me or made up.

As a reminder to myself, here are my life's current four directions:

- Engineering beautiful software. Which reminds me, I have an unbeautiful software problem awaiting me that I will need to beautify.

- Cherishing my family. Need to do this more--to be grateful for the years I have to spend with my family.

- Random acts of kindness. One of the great joys of life--and one in which I am greatly out of practice.

- Being conscious of my human journey. Just noticing what is around me.


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