Sunday, October 22, 2006

The funny thing about working from home is that a week can easily go by without you ever leaving the house. It's Sunday, and I love this weather: cool, sunny, the trees a fiery autumn orange. Bus tickets in hand, I'm undecided about where to travel to today. I'm thinking Beacon Hill Park, where I can see the ocean.

I have recently been longing for community, friendship, fellowship with people who share my religious beliefs. Sunday mass at St. Andrew's Cathedral is one of the highlights of my week, but I hardly know the people there - there isn't time for meaningful conversation before or after.

Since much of my life is lived online, it is fitting that online is where I've found spiritual community. I inquired on the Cursillo mailing list if two or three others would be interested in forming a weekly "check-in" group, over email, in which we answer six questions about our spiritual journey. I now have two new friends from Calgary and Houston, and I am hoping this will be beneficial to all of us.


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