Monday, October 30, 2006

Sense-scape of present experience:

Flocks of crinkled leaves tumble past as I sit in the bus shelter. And to my left, the roads and dirt are suddenly illuminated by the golden, nostalgic light of the sun, which promptly ebbs away. Humming motors and the sucking of air - these comprise the bulk of the soundscape.

Inside the bus, the world is mute, replaced by creaking steel joints and the rising and falling whir of the engine. Conversation among teenage girls: "There was like three people. Oh my god. I have the biggest headache ever. So Brandon was calling me last night. Seriously, it was so annoying."

I do not know the names of the trees, but I can say their colours: ochre, greenyellow, dark plum, and evergreen; mustard, brindle, maroon; dirty bronze, jaundice, mottled brown.

"Oh my god. Does Ava work with him? She always questions me about weird things. What! It's so crazy, like it's so much better than the first one."


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