Friday, October 13, 2006

Thursday evening. I had a headache focused on my right temple today (and a worse one yesterday). I think it must be a combination of twisting my neck to view my two monitors (I have since arranged them vertically) and the stress of a very tricky software problem (in the end solved with something like a decision table but still pretty tricky with a number of special cases).

Anyway, it is evening now--I'm going for a walk to shake off the dregs of this headache. Buddha the cat sits beside me but isn't touching his food. The air is perfumed--perhaps from the neighbour's bath. I'm going to take it easy for one more evening--no errands, no studying, no dvds, no reading--just walking and thinking while I try to kick this headache.

In front of where I sit are knee-high fir trees--four green ones, three red ones, and two somewhere between green and red. The season is changing and the trees show it. The red ones, dried up, are quite striking in their unusual colour--a daring, grizzled red, and strongly odorous. Perhaps this is the source of the air's sweet perfume. Dead red is best, it is said.


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