Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Again I felt part of the long journey of the people of God through the centuries."
- Henri Nouwen

After squandering the first seven hours of the day playing the video game Syberia, I now sit in St. Andrew's Cathedral, with my mother, in our usual pew near the back right. To me the day truly begins now; the past seven hours are dead to me. May this day be one of peace, solitude, quiet, rest, and family. And prayer.

I feel moved when I read Nouwen's words about being connected with people across the centuries. That is important: timeless things, ancient places. This aspect of my religion - that of being a part of a movement that spans thousands of years - this is what I will think on and be proud of today as I recite the ancient words during mass. To stand on a foundation that spans ages past, and to reach to the skies of ages to come - this is a good way to live.

* * *

Father Joel is giving the homily now, on the poor window. My eyes started drooping - writing seems to wake me up. Giving money bears little fruit from a spiritual perspective - it must be accompanied by true compassion. Secondly, giving must be a sacrifice. These two messages appear contradictory; perhaps I need to think about them some more.

Perhaps the highest form of giving combines both aspects: cheerfulness and sacrifice. Grudging largesse, and easy token giving - both are inferior to truly willing sacrifice.


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