Thursday, November 16, 2006

I am seated in row 21 on an Airbus A319, squeezed between two other passengers. On the earlier connecting flight I was surprised to find myself nauseous and perspiring. It was, as the flight attendant observed, "moderately turbulent."

But on this larger plane, the flight is as smooth as a bus ride. Face is dry; stomach is in place.

I was called away from home on short notice to my company's headquarters in Palo Alto, California. This city is home to a number of famous technology companies, from Xerox PARC to Facebook (which is across the street from us). So I'm a bit excited to visit again.

It's a longer trip this time - three weeks. I will do my best to eat healthily and thriftily, and to exercise (I've printed out some DDR stepcharts so I can continue to practice). A few days ago I decided on a new mandate for my work: in addition to that of Engineer, I believe I can help my company significantly in the role of Dreamer; quite simply, to think independent, fresh, ambitious ideas - something I occasionally engage in, but just being more conscious of this talent.

And evening dreamwalks - ambling about idly, head in the clouds, dreaming up new software ideas.

And of course staying in touch with my mother and the few others I am in close contact with. It was a lot easier for me to make close friends in a school environment, when you are thrown into the fire with a hundred others - you're bound to find people you like. But after you leave that environment, the ties are strained, and soon the last tie severs. These days I have a hundred weak ties, which are alright as far as they go, but I miss the close circle. Wonder if technology can create close circles; or perhaps the weak tie is inherent in electronic communication, systemic. I hope not.

Spirituality - this is another fundamental dimension of life - what role will technology play here?


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