Monday, November 06, 2006

I believe I am in one of my melancholy / poetic moods (as opposed to my creative / exuberant moods). Which is good - it means I can write more poetry, and see unobscured the bow├Ęd spindles on which is perched the nubile Earth.

So this anxiety, this Dread, isn't necessarily about tomorrow's difficult programming project. It's just my melancholic worldview that visits me from time to time. Melancholy and Exuberance each have their advantages - stark realism on one hand, raw energy on the other. The Poet and the Engineer, each eccentric in its own way.

One of the best parts about Melancholy is that you are more attentive in prayer. When I read Evening Prayer, I consider the meaning of nearly every word - one hangs on to any word while leaning away from the edge of the cliff, while dangling above the lake of fire. Suffice it to say that words take on new meanings that one cherishes with reverence.


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