Thursday, November 09, 2006

It has been a mostly lazy Sunday; mostly restful and relaxed, though there was also a software emergency to investigate. And now, the return of calm. I look out the window at the dewy, bryoidic cold of our rainforest landscape. I have not ventured outside yet; in a half hour I will be travelling to the cathedral with mom, followed by a quiet dinner at some restaurant.

* * *

I am now safely seated near the back of St. Andrew's Cathedral in Victoria, British Columbia. The air has the quaint scent of smoke and wood. The squeak of wet shoes on hardwood echo behind me to my right. A whistle, a cough, more squeaks. The hum of machinery in the background as usual. Kneelers creakily lowered to the floor with a thud.

And conversation. "Argh, it's pretty wet!" Low murmurs.

I will do my best to be attentive this mass; to hear every word in every formula. To "participate".


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