Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The technology god

Is productivity the ultimate god? No. Is technology the ultimate god? No, but it can be quite exciting, and fun. But in can also be soulless, and unfulfilling in and of itself. So meaning must come from elsewhere. Technology as an end is ultimately unsatisfying. But as a means to the end, it has interesting possibilities.

I keep needing to remind myself of my personal mission statement. From inner to outer:

- being conscious of my human journey
- cherishing my family
- the corporal and spiritual acts of mercy
- engineering beautiful software

I love how it gets tweaked over time, homing toward its true form. Ten years ago in university I wrote my mission as "To love God and my neighbour." Lofty, but unsatisfying as it wasn't really "my own". My present statement is one I can really get behind.

"A lifelong fascination with computer programming" crystallized into "Engineering beautiful software" when I realized that in my programming I value both engineering rigor and the aesthetics of logic.

Recently "Random acts of kindness" has grown into the more comprehensive and specific "Corporate and spiritual acts of mercy", which adds a spiritual element.

"Being conscious of my human journey" was the last addition to the list, adding the individual dimension. To live in the future, to live in the past - these are to be dead to the present. So to live in the present is to be truly alive.

Speaking of the present, I am above Victoria on an Airbus A319, returning to my hometown after an intense three weeks spent at my company's headquarters in the United States. I love the high-tech culture and golden weather of Palo Alto; my home though is with the snows, the garry oaks and douglas firs, the chilly winter winds of British Columbia.


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