Thursday, January 04, 2007

Two software lessons learned

1. When you make a change, tell somebody about it. Don't just make the change willy-nilly without telling anyone ("While I'm here, I might as well fix this..."). IM your manager, send a note to the mailing list, or file a bug so QA is aware. Someone may raise an objection you hadn't considered.

2. Never throw an exception without a message (throw new Exception()) - put some message inside. Even if the stack trace is logged. Otherwise it can be harder for someone else to debug.


At 1/05/2007 3:47 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

I passed your "words of wisdom" on.

This was the reply to it:
I made blunder number one once while working for one client. Actually, my programming partner did too.

My programming partner made a change to the code without commenting it. I discovered the change and removed it thinking I had made a mistake.

Then I was told by the team leader that the change was authorized after the program was up and running.

Never heard from that client again.

At 1/05/2007 6:59 p.m., Blogger Jonathan said...

Hi Anon - Glad to hear that this principle is validated in the experience of others. A simple rule, and one learned the hard way.


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