Monday, April 16, 2007

Jesus with dark reddish hair

At this evening's communion service, Sister Judi asked us to imagine ourselves in a place where we were beloved. I thought of my brother and myself as children, nestling in our parents' arms during the afternoon family nap.

Sister Judi then asked us to imagine Jesus to be present. In my imagination he had dark reddish hair and a dark reddish beard, and was floating up near the ceiling, looking at us.

But most important was his smile: a friendly, warm grin. He did not wear the stern expression of Michaelangelo's God, nor were his eyes strict or severe. This rather scruffy, shaggy Jesus looking at us was beaming and plainly friendly - like the picture of the "laughing Jesus". And probably a healthier image of Jesus than the cold, stern one that Hollywood gives us.

If this be truly what thou art,
I love thee, Lord, with all my heart.


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