Monday, April 09, 2007

A question that has been troubling me: How should we relate to God?

Easter Sunday
Holy Rosary Cathedral
Vancouver, British Columbia

A question that has been troubling me: How should we relate to God? How should we view God? As a sheep to its shepherd? As a chick to its mother hen? As the prodigal to the compassionate father?

Or as a subject to a member of royalty? A handmaiden to her mistress? A slave to the owner? A worshipper to a deity?

What is the proper posture or stance before God? Do we address God as friend to friend, or as servant to master? As athlete to judge? As one accused to one's lawyer (or to the judge)? As an unproductive tree to its hopeful gardener (or to its frustrated landowner)? As a grafted branch to the main vine? As a trembling mortal before one who punishes? As a scattered seedling to its sower?

God has been represented by these various metaphors. I suppose they must be taken together to get the complete picture. Based on these images, it is clear that God is not one's buddy. God is one's superior, and can be angry, sad, and compassionate: angry about the pain we cause, grieved about the pain we suffer, joyful when we remember God, compassionate when we feel remorse.


At 4/10/2007 9:47 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

I want to give you two things to think about:

* God is so big, that all heavens can't hold him.
God is so small, that he fits in a child's heart

* A greeting from the Middle East translate to: The Godly in me greets the Godly in you.

At 4/10/2007 1:12 p.m., Blogger Jonathan said...

Neat - thanks Anon!


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