Saturday, July 21, 2007

A day well lived

I want to try living each day as a separate project. Because each day is its own independent universe, with a beginning and an end, and a constellation of appointments and goals and plans complete and incomplete. Isolated by sleep, each 24-hour block of time is its own separate entity, its own array of conflict and harmony.

And so I want to live each day as a separate project, a polished gem, a production performance from curtain rise to curtain call - beginning the day with the morning routine, then living the day, pushing forward through it with strength and mental acuity, or bearing the weight of suffering or loss with equanimity - then ending the day with the evening routine, with no loose ends, finishing the day with the dignity of a day well lived.

Each day an independent performance piece, brilliantly executed or experienced - those would be days well lived.


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