Friday, July 13, 2007

Proof that one has time to do both blogging and journaling

Alas, I miss blogging on this personal blog. However, my writing energies have been directed toward my private journal - my little notebook that I have on my desk. Handwriting is a unique experience, but so is blogging, in which the world is your audience. I'm torn.

It reminds me of the speed of light. I'm reading in Greene's "The Elegant Universe" that everything travels at the speed of light - not through space (x, y, z), but through spacetime (x, y, z, t). We don't notice it because most of our speed is applied to the t-axis (time). I was intrigued to learn that this explains why time slows down for things that move faster - when you apply more of your speed along the x-, y-, and z-axes, less of it goes to the t-axis (because your overall speed is constant - the speed of light).

In the case of journaling vs. blogging, we have a different set of axes: journaling, blogging, and time (j, b, t). It is plausible that, again, we move at a constant speed - that of light. Of course most of this speed is diverted toward time, but sometimes we divert a portion of it to journaling, or to blogging. This explains why when we are journaling or blogging intensely, we appear to outside observers to be living at a slower pace. And, because of relativity, these outside observers appear, to us, to be slow.

j2 + b2 + t2 = c2. Time for journaling takes away from time from blogging, and vice versa. But because c is so huge (3×108m/s), there is time enough to do both. Q.E.D. █


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