Saturday, March 14, 2009

Find prolonged moments of silence, in order to review your own lives

Pope Benedict XVI: "Dear brothers and sisters, I urge you to find in this Lenten Season prolonged moments of silence, possibly in retreat, in order to review your own lives in the light of the loving plan of the heavenly Father."

Angelus: Second Sunday of Lent, 8 March

Monday, March 02, 2009

Bishop Richard Gagnon's homily

(1st Sunday of Lent, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Victoria BC)

Rainbow as announcement of God's mercy: Even if man falls into sin, God
will not destroy the earth. Christ fulfills this covenant.

Harrowing of Hell: purgatory. Another sign of mercy.

Baptism more than ritual: a sacrament of mercy, through which we are
saved. Also a gift of holiness, as it unites us to God. Also, a task to
live in a way befitting this gift.

Temptation is especially strong in times of holiness, such as the Lenten
season. We must persevere.